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  • 8 hours
  • 329 Bahamian dollars
  • Location 1

Service Description

Buckle Up, Here’s What Awaits! *Ever imagined swimming side by side with PIGS in crystal clear waters or strolling on a beach with PINK sand? Hold onto your hats, because that’s just the beginning!* 1.**🐷 Dive In with thePigs at Meek’sPatch**:This isn't your ordinary beach day! Splash alongside Eleuthera's superstar swimmers – the legendary pigs of Meek's Patch! Snap that perfect sun, sea, and snout pic that'll make all your friends jelly! 2.**🏝 Paint the Town Pink on Harbour Island**:We're zipping over to the most colorful island in the Bahamas! Let your toes sink into that iconic rosy-pink sand. Harbour Island isn't just a place; it's a vibe, and we’re here for it! 3.**💆 Ul-mate Beach Chill out**: Picture this: You, a sun lounger, the gentle whisper of waves, and miles of azure. Need we say more? 4.**🍽 FoodieAlert!**: The Bahamas on a plate? Yes, please! Dive fork- first into tangy conch salads, heartwarming Bahamian stews, and dishes bursting with island flavors! 5.**🛍 Shop Till You Drop**: Grab souvenirs that scream 'Bahamas'! Hand-woven treasures, glinting shell jewelry, and more. Perfect for that friend who thinks you forgot them (you didn’t, right?). **The Deets:** - **Time check**: All this awesomeness in just 8 hours! - **Pack it in**: Your swimsuit, sunscreen, epic shades, flip-flops, and that selfie s-ck (don’t lie, we know you have one). - **On the house**: Comfy rides, island guru (aka guide), beach entry, and munchies. - **Safety first**: Pigs are friendly, but waves can be cheeky. Always vibe with our guide's safety beats! This isn't just any old island tour; it's the Eleuthera Meek's Patch and Harbour Island extravaganza! Dive deep into the Bahamian dream, soak up the sun, and dance with the waves. Ready to make some splashy memories? Dive in with us! 🌴🐷🌊

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